Who love crypto currency?

Chance of a lifetime
Mining Helium Token at home with
hardware that create Hotspot for cities.
Will hit in the next 3-5 years.
Here is the chance for you to start with "People Network"
Created by ihub global for radio wave Hotspot.
The future is comming.

Sign up first, it's free:


Company: https://www.helium.com/mine


A Letter From Chuck:

We have all stumbled across the opportunity to make a FORTUNE over the next 3-5 years.
I honestly believe that each of you that follows the ROADMAP will make more money
in the next 3-5 years than you have in your entire life.
I BELIEVE THAT!! Now is it going to be easy? YES!! Will it take some effort - YES!!
Will it happen overnight? NO but it will hapen over time.
We have the most incredible product I have ever seen in my 50 years of marketing products.

Chuck Hanson


Helium Explained in 4 minutes



Antenna Upgrade Recommended for Rak Miner

Follow below link to buy the right Antenna for your Rak:
Fiber Glass Antenna Kit for Helium Hotspot
5.8 dBi Gain / 80cm

*Make sure to choose Frequency US915 if you live in the USA*

5dBi Antenna 900-930MHz



Lime - https://www.li.me/electric-scooter
MyDevices - https://mydevices.com
Invisileash - https://invisileash.com
Smartmimic - https://smartmimic.com
Conserv - https://conserv.com
Careband - https://www.carebandremembers.com
Airly - https://airly.org/en/
Nowi - https://www.nowi-energy.com
Digital Matter - https://www.digitalmatter.com
Lonestar - https://www.lonestar.edu
One Planet - https://www.oneplanetnetwork.org
Salesforce - https://www.salesforce.com
Agulus - https://agulus.com



Step by Step to Join Helium Mining and to Order your Rak

How To Setup your Rak and Antenna

Setup your HNT wallet in iHub.Global (This is how they will pay you)